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Alliance with the CPI Racha in the west of Vijayawada ..

Alliances between communists and juniors do not exist. Communists who have taken the slightest seats are unhappy that they do not hold positions that hold them. Controversies between Jana and CPI parties emerged from contesting from Vijayawada West constituency. Vijayawada western constituency has a stronghold of comrades. From the constituency, Nazar Wali, Subbaju, Thottiru Pothuraju and others have won. Even now the Communists have a vote bank in that constituency. But since the last two years CPI city secretary Dhananpudi Shankar struggles with public issues to compete from the constituency.

However, the seat was kept as part of the alliance. The CPI (M) candidate from Vijayawada Central constituency has been given a ticket for Babu Rao. But Janasena refused to take Dhoneipudi Shankar to contest the CPI western constituency. The CPI leaders were shouting when the party chief Pawan Kalyan came out of the Jasenah from the western seat. Anyway, the western seat insisted on what they wanted. CPI city secretary Dhananpudi Shankar also opposed the party leadership to contest the Independent from Vijayawada West Segment. Besides, the CPI cadre in the western constituency also insisted that the CPI had to contest from the segment.

CPI national secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, state secretary Ramakrishna, CPIY Madhu and other leaders met with Pawan Kalyan on the seat sabotat, but there was no reconciliation between the Western segment. But there are those party leaders in trying to persuade Dhanbad Puri Shankar. The CPI leaders say the CPI (M) is in danger of disappearing in the Western constituency in the future if the CPI is not contesting. That is why there is no alliance



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