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Chandra Babu is a step ahead of KCR?

Telangana CM KCR now speaks about national politics. Teresa has 16 MP seats and is said to have been placed in the country for a hundred and fifty. Yesterday Ketiar also said the same thing. Other regional parties are ready to come up with KCR. However, if Telangana CM KCR has a lot of people in the words …. Andhra CM Chandrababu Naidu is doing the same work. National leaders have begun to support TDP to campaign for the election campaign. First came the Farooq Abdullah. There are instances where he has campaigned in the joint state of the TDP in NTR Jamana. During his recent visit, he addressed AP politics.

This month, Mamata Banerjee is coming to Andhra. After that, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is coming. Devegowda is also informed. Apart from these, other prominent party members are also coming to campaign in AP to support TDP. Leading leaders of other states have a new color for TDP campaign. There are signs that TDP is also in the mood of national politics. Alliance's efforts against BJP have been known among these parties. However, when the debate about whether or not the alliance is … When the leaders of the AP are coming, Chandra Babu is expected to have other parties. In fact, Chandrababu Naidu is the initiator of initiating the national level in the efforts of the anti-BJP alliance.

The discussion of the Telangana CM KCR's federal front is coming to the back of the debate following the national leaders' ad campaign. KCR is campaigning that 150 to 170 MPs are ready for the Federal Front along with them. In the meantime, the leaders of those parties who want to be KCR will not come to Telangana and campaign in the Lok Sabha elections? If you bring those leaders to the campaign, the numbers that the KCR will have some strength to do. There is no doubt that Chandrababu is a step ahead of KCR in the national politics strategy. An example of this is the way the national leaders coming to campaign for AP are coming. And now you should see whether or not the KCR is trying to do something similar. Because Chandrababu is behind the Return Gippu … KCR is not a national political dream?



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