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Dil Hi Toh hai is an Indian Hindi Daily Soap directed by Ekta Kapoor. It stands for “It’s only a heart” in Engish. This Series is telecasted over Sony TV as well as Streams online at AltBalaji. Karan Kundra as Ritvik Noon and Yogita Bihani as Dr. Palak Noon are in the lead role of this series. Dil Hi Toh Hai Today EPisode Latest in Written Update .

Story Line

The show features the account of the Noon family. The Noons is a current family known for their solid bonds, ties, values. Vijaypath Noon, one of the best business people in India. Also, proprietor of the pharmaceutical organization Noon Biotech is a Punjabi on a fundamental level. He is a minding and adoring dad to five kids, a gushing child to his ‘Bebay’ and a cherishing spouse to his better half Mamta.

His child Ritvik Noon is a productive pharmaceutical business person. It doesn’t put stock in affection and has profound established scorn towards ladies who, for him, are gold diggers and can’t be trusted. This anxiety is a consequence of a profoundly vexed youth, wherein his mom had surrendered his dad and him for a more prosperous life.

Then again, Dr. Palak Sharma is a white collar class young lady with solid qualities and standards. She picked a profession in the field of Medical because of her past, wherein years back. When she lost her sibling because of utilization of pointless pharmaceuticals controlled upon him around then when he was hospitalized. From that point forward, Palak chose to not give anyone a chance to pass on because of utilization of wrong prescriptions.

Dil Hi Toh Hai today episode latest

Current Scenario

While Palak and Ritvik are endeavoring to consider thoughts to join Rohit and Setu, Rohit and Setu choose to run off. They endeavor to bring them back, Ritvik, Palak, Rohit, and Setu are conveyed to the consideration of goons. While attempting to get away from their anger, Palak and Ritvik draw near. On observing Palak get harmed, Ritvik takes Palak to a shed adjacent. There, seemingly out of the blue, Ritvik and Palak share a kiss. When they return to security, Ritvik persuades Rohit’s dad to acknowledge Rohit and Setu, yet utilizing Ananya as a shakedown. Ritvik endeavors to inform Ananya regarding his kiss with Palak, yet winds up instructing it to Palak herself, and he says how it made no difference to him.


Love Triangle of Reeva, Samar and Radhika

The show investigates the voyage of the primary heroes alongside whatever is left of the characters and how their lives change after the two have met. Parallel to Palak and Ritvik’s story; Reeva (Ritvik’s relative) is started falling in love with Samar (Reeva’s life partner, and Radhika’s beau) and realizes that he cherishes Radhika yet she needs to wed him. Reeva emphatically adores Samar and can’t see that she isn’t right and doesn’t see the unobtrusive insights that Aman cherishes her. Reeva’s marriage splits as Samar flees and gets hitched to Radhika. Yet, soon she gets over the agony and acknowledges she wasn’t right.

Aman still does easily overlooked details to let her know he adores her. However, she is still doesn’t recognize his adoration and mix-ups it for companionship. Then again Rohit (Ritvik’s closest companion) begins to look all starry eyed at Setu (Palak’s closest companion). Because of family weight, Ritvik connects with to Ananya (Rohit’s sister) who has an uneven love for Ritvik and comprehends. He will never have the capacity to love her. Rohit is set to wed Setu, however, Ritvik breaks the coalition based on false gossipy tidbits about Setu. Yet after his mistaken assumptions are cleared, Ritvik collaborates with Palak to unite their companions back and get them wedded. Ritvik admits his affection for Palak.