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Is there a "political shocking" result in this election?

A game. In that game .. players are people. Playing .. defeating .. is also people who win. Leaders think they are doing everything but … during the election, the original game was played by the voters. In this election, the electorate has revealed in its own manner. The witness was given a shock to the leader of the NTR. If no votes cast, no one can not be leaders. In almost every election, such things happen.

In 2009, Megastar Chiranjeevi contested the ruling. The second seat was also contesting in Tirupati. Everybody … chirogjeevilu gurikulu expected to win. He is a community member of the community, then a popular craze, an elder sister of mega fans .. so .. more .. in Ubayogadavar districts in the purp wave wanted. But .. unexpectedly lost to a woman candidate. The difference is also heavy. This is a shocking result in that election. Prior to Chiranjeevi, he also contested from Tirupati. And so that's where … well done. Otherwise the difference is the difference. In the 2014 elections, the quota was … Jaganmohan Reddy has been raised from Visakhapatnam to Vijaya Lakshmi. Yay .. His family's defeat did not go on till then. But they never competed outside the thighs. But for the first time, the mother was placed in Visakhapatnam Jaganmohan Reddy. She was badly beaten. Tadipi's defeat in the power of the right or anyway … TDP defeated the BJP. It became the first step towards YES Family Politics. The VCP also lost the seat of the MLA in the Kadapa district.

The debate is going to be in the political circles. Mainly .. discussion on three constituents is running. The first is … Nagar Chandrababu Naidu's son Lokesh is contesting Mangalgiri constituency. That's it .. in the social community .. not to miss. TDP is not a constituency. Locksha went into the field. Widespread publicity. The discussion started here. Bhavamaram assembly constituency where Pawan Kalyan is contesting. Pawan Bhimavaram's competition is also a reason for Chiranjeevi's losing debate. It is crucial that voters see Pawan. He is also contesting from Gajuvaaku .. If the voters are there to win, the whole thing comes to fraud. Finally .. Kadapa Parliament constituency is going to be like this. This time .. Adidanayana Reddy is competing for TDP for this time. Politics has changed in the past. There are changes in the electorate. That's why … everything does not seem intuitive. .. This time too .. There is a "political shocking" result.



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