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Ishq Subhan Allah Which means This Love, Oh God is an Indian Television series primarily aired in Hindi. Adnam Khan and Eisha Singh are featured in this series. This Series is backed by the producer Zuby Kochchar and Dheeraj Kumar.

After 5 years Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmed return to Lucknow after pursuing for Higher Islamic Studies. They had a hit debate on Triple talak, which went public and they forced to may.Ishq Subhan Allah today Episode Daily update Latest.

Ishq Subhan Allah serial


Despite the fact that they encounter somewhat of a rough street in the underlying long periods of their marriage, the occasions of their special night bring them closer. Zara begins to go gaga for Kabir, while Kabir is as yet reluctant. Kabir’s sister-in-law’s sister, Rukhsaar, has been enamored with Kabir since early on and takes a stab at everything to part them up.

She acquires a man named Miraj, to help her bring contrasts among Zara and Kabir, in the falsification of her companion’s sibling. Miraj is really the sibling of a black market Don of Kashmir Siraj’s sibling. When he discovers that Rukhsaar is the genuine reason his sibling is dead, he denounces any kind of authority.

So as to spare her family from Miraj, Rukhsaar brings her companion from school to be Miraj’s sister, much to Miraj’s embarrassment. She asks “Nilofer” to safeguard her family from the hazards of Miraj, while she goes off to Dubai. Miraj, in the end, purchases out Nilofer and she likewise turns out to be terrible.

An unfortunate ridgeline is between Zara and Kabir and Kabir finally divorced Zara, through triple talaq. Yet, Zara accepts the separation, as it is uncovered that it was not in their pre-marriage ceremony. Miraj uncovers his actual self to Zara and how he needs her, at the expense of Kabir. To rescue Kabir, Zara brings Rukhsaar back to India to expose Miraj’s reality.

Zara asks Zeenat, Kabir’s SIL, to enable her to get in contact with Rukhsaar, however, can’t contact her. Shahbaz hits an arrangement with Kabir to give Miraj a chance to join Sharia Board and not separate from Zara, on the methods for giving him 1 crore to pay back Zara’s Mahr. Miraj presses himself into Sharia Board, and Irfan, Zara’s dad, declares that he needs both Zara and Kabir as his Vice Head.

It is uncovered to Kabir that Miraj is a jewel dealer, who just joined his undertaking to transform his very own dark cash into white. One this fact being uncovered, Kabir’s fantasy venture is seized.


As Miraj is attracted to Zara and attempting to part up Zara and Kabir, he conveys Nilofer to his side and endeavors to utilize her meanwhile. Zara one day sees Miraj and Nilofer being personal, and inquiries the legitimacy of their kin story. So as to additionally discover, she proposes to Kabir to get Nilofer wedded to Imran. Kabir’s closest companion, who is enamored with Reema, Zara’s closest companion. Zara finds flawed things in Nilofer’s room and inquiries her about it. Miraj can concoct a story that persuades everybody. Miraj begins to straightforwardly proclaim to Zara his desire for her and debilitates Kabir’s life. Zara moves him also. Miraj attempts to get into Sharia Board.

At the point when Zara utilizes Kabir to prevent Miraj from entering the Sharia Board for 30 days. Miraj endeavors to utilize Shahbaz, to sincerely and fiscally coercion Kabir into supporting his entrance into Sharia Board. Shahbaz, in a turn, additionally requests that Kabir not separate from Zara. Kabir can get Miraj into the Sharia Board, much to Zara’s embarrassment. Irfan likewise declares he needs both Zara and Kabir to be his Nayyab Qazi. Yet Zara is reluctant to acknowledge the offer as she was going to leave from Sharia Board. Miraj satisfies Nilofer with precious stones to execute Zara. Kabir discovers that Miraj is really an unlawful precious stone runner who just joined his undertaking to transform his dark cash into white cash. At the point when the government discovers Miraj’s fact, they grab Kabir’s undertaking till additional notice.