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IT attacks on TDP candidates How many people are in the histlist?

Events that have been promoted to a thriving attack on the Telugu Desam Party are taking place. Prakasham was searched at a hospital in Ugranarasin Reddy, contesting from District Kanigiri. The hospital is in Guntur. The Ugandanarasinhade Reddy campaign in Kanagiri has been the cause of this IT attack. It was three days ago that the minister was running away from Nellore City. After three hours all of the searches … nothing came in the wrong information came … gone. If you do not find it … If you do something like IT searches, the TDP leaders will be in the defense of the first time.

TDP sources claim that those who have been successful in the Telugu Desam Party candidates are already strong and they are already in the success of their hits. They are aimed at financially disruptive .. mental agitation, targeting candidates in this hit list. Now it's starting … along with serious attacks on the front … nothing is missing .. I do not know what's going to be promoted … suspect. In the past, in Telangana, Revant Reddy was found to have searched IT searches at home. TDP leader Chandrababu also came to know about this.

Among those who are contesting for the Vice Presidential elections in this election are many financial criminals. Vijay Prasad, who is contesting from Visakhapatnam, is a candidate … Welfare Group Companies, which is more than Rs 1,500 crore, has collected deposits from the public. There are about five hundred thousand who have deposited, no one knows. The PVP, which is contesting from Vijayawada, has the case against Vasantha Krishna Prasad who is contesting from Mylavaram. There are also records of bank loans to the bankers who have been contesting from Marakapuram. They are VCP candidates .. so do the attack or not .. TDP leaders question.



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