Kumkum Bhagya Hindi Serial Zee TV

Kumkum Bhagya often called “Twist of fate” in English is an Indian Daily Shop Opera. This Series is primarily produced in Hindi but recreated in other Languages too. It was Directed and Produced by Ekta Kapoor, also referred as Legend of Indian Soap Opera. In the Series,  Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia appeared as a Leading Role. This is aired at ZeeTv with a Debut on 15 April 2014. Well, this is not an Original Creation; it is based on Sense and Sensibility by Jane Auten. Kumkum Bhagya Today Episode Daily Episode Full in Written

Story in Brief

This Series is about Pragya Arora (Sriti Jha), a modest educator and a Rock Singer Abhishek Mehra (Shabir Ahluwalia). Sarla Arora (Supriya Shukla) runs a marriage lobby and lives with the expectation of seeing her two little girls cheerfully wedded. Pragya, the senior little girl, is common sense, dedicated and instructs at a school. Bulbul (Mrunal Thakur), the more youthful little girl, is active and has her mind in another place. The show takes after the lives of the two sisters and their expectations, dreams, and desires. There were three parts of this series we have recorded in the series. Main Plot, “2-months later” and “7 years later”. We will discuss them in brief

Kumkum Bhagya

Staging of Story

The arrangement starts with a brief love triangle between Pragya – Suresh Srivastav – Bulbul, prompting the crossing out of Pragya and Suresh commitment. In parallel, Abhishek is involved with the supermodel, Tanushree (Madhurima Tuli/Leena Jumani). Purab Khanna (Arijit Taneja/Vin Rana), is Abhishek’s closest companion and drew into his sister, Aliya (Shikha Singh). In any case, Purab and Bulbul begin to look all starry eyed at however in a severe bit of destiny, Aliya, Tanushree, and Abhishek feel that Purab adores Pragya. The trio designs exact retribution and organizes Pragya to wed Abhishek.

Post-marriage, Pragya understands reality and acknowledges the fault to secure Bulbul. On the day the marriage is settled for Purab and Aliya, Purab surrenders Aliya and weds Bulbul. Different circumstances and conditions bring Abhishek and Pragya closer. Understanding the bad behaviors of Aliya and Tanushree, Abhishek accommodates with Purab and Bulbul. Frantic to get Abhishek back, Tanushree fakes a DNA answer to suggest that he is the dad of her unborn tyke, which is really the aftereffect of a one-night remain among her and Nikhil. Pragya understands reality yet endures a mishap and is announced dead before she could uncover reality to Abhishek.

The story takes a 2-month jump and Pragya profits to correct reprisal for her transgressors. Meanwhile, desire and contempt start to develop in the relationship of Bulbul, Purab, and Aliya. Bulbul hazards her life and passes on while sparing Pragya from Aliya. The season closes with Pragya uncovering Tanushree and winning back Abhishek’s trust. They propose one another. In any case, Abhishek gets into a mischance and loses his memory. He overlooks the last more than two long stretches of his life, including Pragya. She leaves Abhishek for his insurance yet does not separate from him.

After 2 Months

To spare Kumkum Bhagya Marriage Hall, Pragya starts to fill in as a secretary at the Love Life Music Company, where she meets Abhishek again and starts to frame a profound fellowship. Exploiting his memory misfortune, Aliya plans to get Tanushree wedded to Abhishek. Pragya and Abhishek experience passionate feelings for however he is constrained to wed Tanushree as her mom’s last wish to see her girl cheerful. Nikhil grabs Pragya upon the arrival of Abhishek’s wedding and he leaves the customs to spare her. Abhishek recaptures his memory, weds Pragya once more, however loses her not long after when goons contracted by Nikhil shoots her, and she falls into the dam.

Two or three weeks pass, Abhishek is as yet scanning for Pragya, and goes over a villager named Munni, who is Pragya’s carbon copy. Abhishek takes Munni home to spare her from psychological oppressor assaults. Aliya extorts Munni into helping them. Pragya comes back to Mumbai subsequent to being in trance like state, meets Munni, and swaps spots to enter the Mehra family.

Meanwhile, Purab meets Disha (Ruchi Savarn). After Disha admits her affection, Purab feels remorseful about as yet adoring Bulbul and chooses to give her the adoration she merits and they perfect their marriage. Pragya spares Abhishek’s life numerous occasions from a baffling lady who ends up being Simonika (Vivana Singh), his secretary. She needs vindicate from Abhishek for murdering Dushyant, her better half. Her designs go amiss and she is captured. She escapes police and achieves Mehra house. Tanushree manages Simonika to save Abhishek’s life and slaughter Pragya.

In a noteworthy confrontation and season conclusion, Dadi capitulates to shot wounds endured because of Simonika, while Pragya was en route with police to the production line where Simonika gathered be covering up. Dadi dreaded for Pragya’s security and achieved the industrial facility already to face Simonika. Both Aliya and Abhishek consider Pragya in charge of the family’s hardships and expels her from their lives. A crushed and pain stricken Pragya is indicated endeavoring suicide by hopping from the highest point of a precipice.

7 years of story Skip

The Mehra family dwells in New Delhi – Abhishek is hitched to Tanushree, Aliya deals with Abhishek’s vocation, the companionship among Aliya and Tanushree strangely finished, and Purab and Disha have a child, Sunny. Then again, Pragya lives in the United Kingdom as the supervisor of King Singh, a London-based rapper, and has a little girl, Kiara. Ruler and Pragya share an obligation of common regard. Abhishek still considers Pragya in charge of Dadi’s demise Pragya still trusts it.

Destiny plots, and both King and Abhishek gets an agreement to chip away at a world music collection from a Delhi-based coordinator. Lord, Pragya, and Kiara come to New Delhi. Kiara meets Abhishek, and they shape a profound bond, unconscious that she is his little girl. As conditions spread out, Pragya and Abhishek meet, and he additionally points the finger at Pragya for not investing the push to spare their marriage disjoin a long time earlier and for wedding King. Disha and Purab understand that Kiara is Abhishek and Pragya’s girl yet hold the data from Abhishek.