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Mayawati's strategy is to contest elections?

BSP supremo Mayawati made a sensational decision that she would not contest the Lok Sabha when the elections were approaching. The BSP has alliance with Samajwadi Party. Moreover, there is a debate across the country in UP. The constituency is likely to be crucial in the center after the election. Consequently, the Congress is also completely away from SP and BSP. Mayawati announced that she would not contest the Lok Sabha. The reason for her being told … that if she was in competition she would be limited in her own constituency and that she would have some more focus.

Mayawati's decision is strategic. Because she is now heading to the alliance in UP. All the seats in the state are promoting and winning. However, her prime ministerial candidate does not have to specifically say! Such is the idea that she is not competing, some naturally. But the fact is that the Mayawati alliance is expected to win 40 to 45 seats in 80 seats. If elections are the result, the MPs are not in the hands of any of the regional parties in the country.

It is hard to see … Mayawati comes to the level of national politics. That is why, she hoped that she would have decided to stay away from contesting for the sake of putting alliance members on the alliance to win candidates. Mayawati's representation in the last election has not been in Delhi. At the moment she loses Opposition BJP … to get more seats in the Congress. To achieve these goals requires a lot of strategicity. Mayawati is the most prestigious of the Lok Sabha polls compared to other regional parties.



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