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Media Watch: Witness to the VCP Negative ..! Andyyoshi positives to tdpi

Media role is always crucial in politics. Any magazine .. He is strongly following his approach. That's why .. that magazine has special readers. If such uniqueness does not exist … the reader will lose. Assembly elections are also going on in Andhra Pradesh now. The media is playing a leading role. That's Jaganmohan Reddy … own witness magazine … as well .. Pro tdppp magazine … Andrajyoti … full scale pens are moving.

Witness who believes in negative campaigns!

Sakshi magazine is trying to help Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chao and Rao, whose turn to help. But the press editorial staff's thoughts are with a fully negative mind set. Jaganmohan Reddy .. There are not many thoughts on how to make some positive image in the public but … TDP, Chandrababu … to set a bad image for pages to pages. Chandrababu Faction Leader said that the story was written with massive graphics .. but its effect is too much to predict. At the same time .. Individually removing the Chandrababu personally, the publishers are going to publish a large scale. On the first page, Jaganmohan Reddy has criticized Chandrababu. That means .. Chandra Babu criticizes .. Vaisipi Plus points to the crowd is not able to take much of the witness.

Sakshi magazine promotes Chandra Babu …!

Negative campaign in politics .. For each time .. plus point. Now in the witness magazine .. now whose news comes …? In fact, Jaganmohan Reddy does not even come up with the VCP news. The only thing about TDP chief and TDP is coming. Not all are positive … all are neutral. The Witness editorial staff forgot that the negative campaign in politics is going to be plus. There are no accusations against Chandrababu .. Nothing new. There are many things that appear in the paper from the back of the NTR. There is no impression on readers … but in witness readers .. the name of Chandrababu is doing as I do. So much to me … the future of the MLA … Vasantha Krishna Prasad, the party trade union leader in Visakhapatnam Gautam Reddy … the bicycle mark your vote as an impression. Read the magazine magazine .. other magazines read them .. That's why they have had an impact on their mind

Andhra Pradesh Positive campaign for TDP ..!

Andhra Pradesh is promoting the TDP. The tapping of the TDP is to explain to people the plus point. With various field experts … the statements are compatible with Chandrababu. At the same time, Jaganmohan Reddy minus points are effectively discussing among the people. That's it .. Blind .. Jagan Mohan Reddy should be opposed to him. Any day ka day .. if he gets a week's point of speech, it's open and trying to take people in a negative way. In this regard, the Andhra Agrarian Staff is a good clarity.

The media publishes the news according to its policies in this election. Different aspects are evolving. There are potential arguments. There is also a hollow. But it is easy to find out if the witness is easy.



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