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Mohan Babu is going to be a kind of whichever?

He has done so much for the sake of actor Mohan Babu. The fees reimbursed the item and gave it a fight that gave up the fight and eventually joined the Vikaspa. It would be nice to join the routine. So why is it just a few days before the elections, why is it that Mohan Babu has taken the party in such a scenario where the campaign is only a few days away? What kind of party involvement will bring benefit? Will his inclusion in the social category be an unbelievable effect? Will his family and film glamor bring a new boost to the Vaikappa campaign? Dialogue King So, if he is caught by the mike, can people be drowning in the mice? So, Mohan Babu in Vaikappa is a chance to win a visa? Many of these questions are now heard.

If you are talking fluently … Mohan Babu adds zero to zero. By the way, Mohan Babu is not in the form now. The past films have no impressions of the Telugu audience. It is true that his time was not there now. Manchu Manchu, Manchu Manchu, Manchu Manchu Pony, are you bored, are you bored, you are young? Pratapda Vishnu cinema is coming. Manoj has been away from films though. The family has ice laxmi. She is also not as good as an actress. That is, in terms of film glamor … they do not have any impact on Waikato.

Politically, Mohan Babu is out of active politics. Pony and other service programs are not in the good looks of people. Finally .. before taking a walk in the road, the students were taken to the road and giving the builder a fight for the younger generation … The line that joined the party was minus. There is a debate over whether to use the students for joining WICA. If you bring him to the party in this background … how will it be? In fact, Mohan Babu does not have to call himself self-styled person. That's what everyone knows. Okay, can you push me to the Vicipa sabhasan when he stays on the stroke of the campaign? Will anything new by criticizing him on Chandrababu? Can he be a neat brand ambassador for Vikas Navaratnas and Jagan's assurances? And so … what was he intended to be in the party now? Is there a clarity near Vaikappa for at least this question?



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