Mr. Majnu (2019)

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Mr. Majnu Movie Info:
Directed by: Venky Atluri
Starring by: Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal, Glenn Webster,
Genres: Romance,
Categories: Telugu Featured, Telugu Movies 2019,
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Mr. Majnu is an Telugu movie starring Akhil Akkineni and Nidhhi Agerwal in prominent roles. It is a drama directed by Venky Atluri.

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Akkineni’s successor Akhil is trying to learn the lesson from the loser. Akhil, who was unable to get a hit with ‘Akhil’ and ‘hello’, has been given audiences in the playboy avatar as ‘Mr Maz’. Young and talented director Venky Atturi, who has received a sensible hit with the movie ‘First Prayer’, has made good reviews on the film. The film is directed by Abhil, directed by Akhil, while Taman provided music. ‘Majz’ in the masquerade with the trailer, the trailer is the viewer in the theaters? Let’s get through the review if we can get hit thirst.

‘I can not see the fiancé for another girl. I love only me. I love that only if I love it is not enough. Simply put the heroine who wants to be like Rama. If the girl smells a smile, the eye will automatically hit the tapatapa and play the heroine of any of the games. The romantic romance between the two is ‘Mr Maz’. Krishnudu is in love with the heroine who wants to be like Rami. The love that Krishna denies is the love that he has lost again and the heroine krishna falls down ‘This is also a grossly’ mazzun ‘.

Vicky (Akhil) goes to London to read and play with girls as a playboy. Nicky (Nidhi Aggarwal) is studying at home in Babai (Subba Raju) in London. Knowing that Vicky is Playboy, Nicky initially hates him. But Nicki understood his mind .. Wickie falls in love at a wedding. Vicky, who did not understand Nicky’s love, avoids her love of love. After Nicky disappears, she finds her love and goes back to London for her. How did Vicky get to know Nicky’s love? What difficulties do Vicky face? That’s the rest story.

So far we have seen Brock’s love stories. But director Rune’s love is again shown as part of an attempt to invent a love story of Venky Atluri Heart Breaking. Some people do not know love, but love is not given. But the director is shown by Mr Majnu who shows how the pain will be if they are distant. The Sensible Love Story in the film ‘First Kiss’ has been a bit strained by the director of ‘Majz’. Venky Atturry, who led the story to the descent, showing his mark in the fostoff. Prelude Interview Scene has made it interesting for the story to keep the flow untouched.

‘I love being with you … but it’s harder to be like that .. love .. marriage is still difficult’ .. This line has already had a lot of love stories. Oranges, the fallen minds .. Most movies come in this category. But again, director Venky has chosen the same bracket love story. Romantic love story ‘Geeta Govindam’ is to be given a treat like the story again. So the viewer’s new story is missing and the sequencing sequences in the second half of the scene bore. The climax lacks the gripping of the screenplay, as it was known before. But the director was able to handle the family emotions well. Especially in the fosterph, the emotional scene between Rao Ramesh and Akhil has made him feel better.

But Akhil has done better performance than his previous films. Akhil Screenshot Presents, Dance, Fights, Dialog Delivery. He was very mature in acting. Heroine Nidhi Aggarwal gave the best performance. Emotional scenes along with Romantic scenes between Akhil and Nidhi are well worked out. In the comedy, Priyadarshini and HyperAmeric laughs well. Priyadarshi’s ‘Hello Brother’ comedy track has come true with Akhil. The Hyderabadi rackers ‘piracy’ in Hyderabad is a hyperpin. Nagesa Babu, Rao Ramesh, Subba Raju, Jayaprakash, Pavithra, Sitra, Electra Kotham Raman have acted in the film.

Thaman has shown good music and has shown his mark. The song ‘Ammedio’ Emotional Song is also good with Mr. Maz. George William Sun impressed with cinematography. Akhil and Nidhi Aggarwal are beautifully shown. London locations are well represented. Naveen Nooli editing was not a plus to this film. Scenes for several scenes in the second half. BVSN Prasad production values ​​are good.