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Nandini/Nandini TV Serial Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam/Kannada Gemini Tv/Sun TV/Surya Tv Daily Serial Today Episodes Updates Wiki. Nandini is one of the few multilingual Indian Television series with a debut on 23 January 2017. It is the first south Indian Series which is aired in all four south Indian Language. Nandini is the second highest budgeted Indian Television series after Nagini by Ekta Kapoor. This series is produced by famous Tamil Film Director Sunder C. and her Wife Actress Kushboo. It quickly became the most watched Television series within a few weeks of being aired.

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Nandini is an Indian multilingual supernatural television drama that premiered on 23 January 2017 on Sun TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV and Udaya TV channels. This is the first South Indian Serial to be aired in 4 South Indian language by Sun Network channels and same time except for Udaya TV, which is half hour earlier. It is claimed that the show is the second biggest budgeted series on Indian television after Naagini and the first in South India. Nithya Ram, Malavika Wales and Rahul Ravindran are the main protagonists of the series.The series is produced by Tamil film director Sundar C. and his wife, actress Kushboo.The show has been praised and well received by the audience, becoming a huge success and India’s most watched television series in a matter of weeks since it first aired.. It is edited by National award winner Srikanth.N.B and his long time associate C. M. Selvakumar.


Ganga is a receptive little girl of a worker named Manikyaam dwelling in a servant quarter of a royal residence. The royal residence is possessed by an extremely rich person named Rajasekhar. Ganga is extremely energetic about the snake hill outside the castle. She loves the snake dwelling in it as ‘Nagamma’. Be that as it may, she is ignorant of the way that the snake is really an “Ichchadhaari Nagam”, which has been holding up since numerous years to retaliate for Rajasekhar’s family and is under the control of an enchanted obligation of a Malayali Nambhoodhiri. On the off chance that, a drop of blood from a virgin young lady’s body, who is the admirer of the snake, is emitted on the snake’s body, it would recapture every one of its forces. Rajasekhar chooses to get his child Arun wedded. His relatives are gathered, who eye just the abundance of the family. Spooky occasions happen after this like plates slamming, seeing a lady strolling in the murkiness and so forth. And after that it is realized that Arun’s first spouse, Janaki’s soul makes all the perplexity stop the benefit hungry relatives who were attempting to swindle her significant other Arun. The Nambhoodhiri comprehends from the soul of Janaki, that her sentimental existence with Arun was finished by her passing because of labor entanglements was really killed by Arun’s uncle Dharmaraj, his child Moorthy and Arun’s companion Balaji in light of the fact that they had an abhorrence to their marriage.


Twenty-seven years passed, Nandhini figured out how to execute Kumar, Namboothiri, Viswanath, and Rajasekhar which prompted Arun to look for exact retribution against Nandhini to vindicate his dad’s passing. Madhavi chooses to execute Nandhini for killing his sibling, Namboothiri. Nandhini who presently have gotten her own human frame secures the indistinguishable appearance as Ganga. Afterward, Seiyanayagi recovered his old recollections and uncovered reality to Ganga and Nandhini. Seiyanayagi, Ganga, and Nandhini reunite in the wake of realizing that every one of them is blood-related. Nandhini figured out how to get one of the Kalachakra, however, the staying two Kalachakras of Kattu Amman went into the ownership of an obscure enchanted power. The obscure power stole the two Kalachakras from Rajasekhar and Madhavi. Nandhini and Seiyanayagi are presently looking for the obscure power to find the staying two Kalachakra. Meanwhile, Ganga is constrained by her significant other, Arun to be isolated from Nandhini since she is the enemy of his dad. A woman alongside her sibling enters the castle and is uncovered that she is Rajashekhar’s second spouse and he has a little girl in her. Be that as it may, the genuine little girl and spouse of Rajashekhar were caught by her own Brother Sathyanarayanan and his significant other and they had entered the home to get the property. They compel their little girl Brinda to go about as Malathi.Sathyanarayanan has sick thought processes towards Ganga. Seetha returns from London. Ganga and Seetha battle together against Sathya Narayan.


Actor Character Role
Nithya Ram Nandini (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Rathnavel Bhoopathi / Narasimha Nayaka / Krishnamurthy Bhoopathi and Parvati’s daughter. Ganga’s well wisher (Titular Protagonist). Ganga’s twin sister.
Ganga Arun (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Arun’s second wife, devotee of Naagamma and worshipped Nandhini as her deity, she was possessed by Nandhini before Nandhini gets human form, Rathnavel and Parvathi’s second daughter(Human). Nandhini’s twin sister and maanikkam’s adopted daughter.
Malavika Wales Janaki Arun (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Arun’s first wife, Deceased, she was killed by Dharmaraj and his son. Safeguarded Rajasekhar’s family as a spirit for a long time. Her soul rested in peace for saving Devasena.

Seetha Arun (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Arun’s third wife, alive, married secretly by Arun. Later, her marriage was not made considerable. She has the exact same resemblance of Janaki.
Rahul Ravi Arun Rajashekar (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Rajasekhar’s son, married to Janaki, Ganga, Nandhini and Seetha (unofficial) respectively, Devasena’s father.
Kushboo Parvathi (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Siva Naagam, Nandini & Ganga’s mother, deceased, existing as a divine soul for helping Nandini till Nandhini gets a human form. Rathnavel Bhoopathi’s wife. Naaganandiyan’s sister.
Parameshwari (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Fake role as Devasena’s teacher to know about Ganga’s thought.
Narasimha Raju Muniappa (Tamil & Malayalam) Nandhini’s adopted father, biological father of Gayathri and also as official priest of Kattu Amman Temple.
Muniswamy (Kannada)
Pasupathy (Telugu)
Adhitri Guruvayappan Devasena Arun (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) Daughter of Arun and Janaki, sometimes used as a medium by Janaki’s spirit to safeguard Arun’s family.
Gayatri Jayaraman Bhairavi (Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam) She is a “Yogini” who has the blessings from Kaatu Amman, former antagonist , now helps Nandini to get hold of the Kalachakras.
Riyaz Khan Seiya Nayagi/Rathnavel Bhoopathi (Tamil) Transgender, ardent devotee of Karupusamy, who instructs the danger behind the problems faced by Ganga’s family. He is Ganga and Nandhini’s father. Parvathi’s husband
Kannazhagi (Malayalam)
Ranga Nayaki / Narasimha Nayaka (Kannada)
Deva Nayaki / Krishna Murthy Bhupathi (Telugu)