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Narendra Modi's arrest … BJP's new campaign!

Neyvar Modi was finally acquitted by the financial criminals. His arrest in London is now a nationwide buzz. The letter was written just before the letter writing and the arrest warrants were issued under Rendros. Neeru is a good thing to get arrested. However, from the political perspective of Niravu arrest, there is no doubt that the BJP has become a stronger campaign. Because now the BJP leaders in the election campaign are promoting the BJP leaders as a title in their names. Repulsing it, Congress leaders are criticizing the 'chowkdar not chor'. Bhajpa promises that this time, Niravu holds … Desh ki Chaukidar has proved once again that this is a

surgeon after the Surgical Strikes. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Nirav's arrest said, "Narendra Modi's hand was definitely Modi's success, but he questioned him who had sent him out of India. Congress leader Gulum Nabi Azad responded that Nareve Modi has gone to the country to help him go back to the country and now they have been brought back to the polls, and the election is done. Nirav Modi's arrest is not as good as it is now campaigning. But, when the credit for the credit is over, who should take responsibility for his fraud? Who is responsible for fleeing Nirav's country? How to deal with a thief than a loss due to theft?

In this context, a national party is a debate on the BJP propaganda. Recently, the Pulwama incident has not been politicized. Now Niravu's arrest is also a victory! These are the elements of election campaign? In such cases it is necessary to show some intellect as a national party or ..? The leaders of the BJP are not finding that the average citizen is lipping on the way it relies on such issues!



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