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No Application – No Test … Naga Babu Ticket ..! Janesena has changed?

Pawan Kalyan's brother Nagendra Babu is contesting from Janardana party from Narsapur constituency. The Jana Sena Party officially announced this. For a few days .. He has been campaigning for Jansenah with other parties of Jabbarthat Artists on YouTube. This time in order to work full time, I decided to get elected in the election.

Mega Brother in Janaanan ..!

Pawan Kalyan has said many times that Jasan's party does not have any relationship with her family. His approach to this is so far. All the same from Nagababu from Allu Aravind in mega family. Tower star Naga Babu .. In YouTube videos .. his brother Janasana party and Mega family have no affirmation. Just a few hundred years ago .. It was a donation and said the same. Due to the lack of time, you can donate to your party but can not campaign. Then the police beat the fans and then went to Guntur and told him the same. He does not have any connection to Janesha. Fan fans have come to visit. These dialogues … while being viral in YouTube … newly .. he came to the polls on behalf of Jassevan.

Pawan told the Nagabubu ticket to match?

Participants who normally have a male craze on the craze .. Firstly, do not give preference to the family members. When the Praja Rajyam Party put in … Chiranjeevi … along with his brothers .. All used for the party … But in the last minute the contest is likely to win only one Allu Arvind. Nagababu did not even find the opportunity. For PRP .. He had a lot of work to do with meetings with fans in mango gardens. However, such parties are once again making public choices and providing opportunities for family members. But the janasana .. in this case … is very advanced. If you do not have any work for the party, you are directly entering the Nagababu.

Pawan is also a "Grihama Mark" politician ..!

Pawan Kalyan has been the subject of a number of theories. Tickets were made to finalize tickets. The applicants will be given tickets. Accordingly, many people have applied. A test was also given during the application. These photos .. daily .. Janesena is officially posted on twitter. Pawan Kalyan also applied. The Election Commission has given him the opportunity to contest in two places. Now .. Anna Naga Babu .. Without a Test .. Directly … Flight from Hyderabad .. Ticket is getting. Social community is coming from the constituency that is expected to be in the votes. Even though we have spoken words about politics … in the end of the dialogue dialogue. Opinion is a political leader who is making change … … That's true now!

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