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Polavaram apals sindinde ..! Telangana's other affidavit in Supreme Court

Telangana Sarkar has once again filed a petition in the Supreme Court. The Telangana government has objected to the Polavaram project. The affidavit has been filed in connection with the petition filed by Pongalati Sudhakar Reddy, who is already in the trial. All the environmental approvals for the Polavaram project already existed. However, with the prediction of a maximum flood of 36 lakh cusecs, the Center has given environmental clearances to the police in 2005. The designation of the Telangana government was later changed.

The impact of the design change has reached 50 lakh cusecs. The affidavit has been proposed to once again assess the impact of the floods before giving environmental clearance. Once again, the Environmental Impact Assessment .. Telangana wants the Center to give approval to the next. Furthermore, AP has been using water from the Pattasima project to give the permission to add 19 tmcs in addition to its share. Wastewater is the only water that goes into the ocean … AP is used. Even though Telangana Sarkar is asking for a share.

The original Polavaram Project is an integral part of the project. In the division law, there is a clause to consider all the permissions of Polavaram Project. Even though Telangana Sarkar is going to be the same, the views of the petitions are expressed. The Polavaram project is already sixty per cent. At this point, AP political groups suspect petitions are intent on embarrassing.



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