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Pro Nageshwar: Pawan Kalyan will tell you what to do with Jagan?

Janapana became the hot topic in Andhra Pradesh politics. TDP is not criticized but … YSR Congress leaders, Jagan's party leaders and the party's media are seriously criticized. What do you do … is tied with TDP and criticizing it.

Jasena's chief Pawan Kalyan is the reason why Jagan Mohan Reddy should be told to whom to do so? Pawan Kalyan .. Whatever the decision made politically, the VSP leaders are criticizing. Pawan Kalyan is in the process of asking Jagan Mohan Reddy to do what he wants to do. TDP would not contest the tie with the party .. I do not have to tie up with Chandrababu. If you have all the limits … I'm telling you from the front. They allege that they are the same. Whatever you do is criticizing something. Former JD Laxminarayana, a former CBI officer, joined Janesena. Earlier he had heard that he wanted to join TDP. In the mainstream media. The VCP has seriously reacted. As told earlier from … Chandra Babu said Lakshminarayana said that their masks are now gone. He did not join the TDP. But .. jesena joined. Then again .. Chandrababu … started to criticize the CBI sent the former JD to Janaanan. VVV Lakshminarayana hoped that the party would have to make its own party without joining any party. But it's hard to come home to own the party because he's looking at the janesan. How is it called conspiracy ..? If he joins the BJP, can you make such criticisms …? If he joins the BJP, there is evidence for the lack of tariff between the TDP and the BJP. Lakshminarayana was an officer of the Maharashtra cadre and said that there was a conspiracy with the BJP leaders there. In the past it was a tetadiya member of the Maharashtra BJP leader who was the witness to the truth ..? Into the BJP … for his future strategies..Chandababunadu sent ..

Jana has a right to follow his political tactics. No one can do anything if the LDC seems to have millions of voters behind Lakshminarayana. He is a good image and good person. But that's not what he is a great mass leader. No one knows that he has millions of voters behind him. If that's the case, he would have kept the party ..! But why do you say that joining the jesna is a conspiracy. Jasseena party has a tie up with BSP. It's a good move politically. However, according to Chandrababu strategy to split their Dalit vote bank … Pawan Kalyan has tied up with Mayawati. Will the Janaseena join any party? Any political party policy is the party. The Vicepip can not directly touch the knot but .. Kodu comes with a sense of the downtown BJP .. Sting operations also revealed. That's why .. who do you want to put in touch? Who will join the party? This is the case with such things. Is the affair. Is not it a gadda? ..

Pawan has the right to make political decisions.

There is a possibility that anyone can contest in politics. In addition to the accusations that are being done now, the PACAN Kalyan will meet with Chandrababu. Not in the mood ..! But what happens next? Jagan, Pawan, Modi and KCR are the TDP leaders for a long time. Now Pawan has been dropped from the list. That is when they made the allegations .. not true .. Now .. Jagan Mohan Reddy … Pawan Kalyan meets with Chandrababu after the election. So why should it happen? That is what Pawan Kalyan did. But there is freedom to make political decisions.



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