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Rajahmundry Review: Maganti Rama Devi Devi has been together

This time, the epicenter of the election rallies in Rajahmundry, the commercial center of the Umayogoda district. Political parties became keen on political parties to compete with strong candidates. Sitting MP from the Rajahmundry parliament constituency, Manti Murali Mohan, Kodal Maganti formally confirmed as TDP candidate. Leaders such as Bidha Bhaskararamaravu and Gunny Krishna were unhappy with this ticket. But Maganti's form is full of success. The form is available to the public when the MP Murali Mohan has performed the knee operation. The party was also active in the programs. This is the form of a form of consensus that he has joined in the election. Janaka Janata MP candidate Akula Satyanarayana is also in favor of winning the election. Pawan Kalyan, an open ceremony in Rajahmundry, has expressed his feeling that his experience as an MLA will help her win this election. The YSR Congress has chosen Bharat as the candidate using the BC Card this time as never before.

The strength of assembly candidates is mainly based on the success of the Lok Sabha candidates. Trivedi from Rajahmundry Urban was given a ticket to Adudi Reddy. She is the daughter of Ernaya. Bhavani Aattu Veeraraghavam was previously employed as Rajahmundry Mayor. Mamma Adi Reddy was made as an MLA. Rautu is contesting as the vice presidential candidate. He is a MLA for ten years. The ticket was allotted to Janasena..Cimima Distributor Atith Satyanarayana. The second MLA from Rajahmundry Rural is contesting by Gornthal Buchachayachoudari. The ticket was given to the former MLC Kandula Durgesh from Janesha, In the Rajanagaram constituency, the sitting MLA Pendurthi Venkatesh is contesting for the third time. Jayakampudi Raja got a ticket from the VCP. Rappur Reddy from Jansena got a small ticket. How many votes can be broken by Jassean … TDP candidate has an expected majority. TDP's sitting MLA Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy took the second ticket in Anaparti constituency. Ramakrishna Reddy won a minor victory in the last election. Sathyanarayana Reddy on behalf of VCP, is in Rellangi Nageswara Rao as Jansana candidate.

TDP presidential candidate Kamma belonged to the social community … the BCC, the JCC candidate. Even though he is a BCC candidate, it is evident that he has no support from all parties. The Telugu Desam Party is strong in all the constituencies as well … These are some groups that are behind the VCP .. this time … looking to Janesena. The support of some of the Communists in the tradition of the SCs is also available. How do you look at the trimming contest? Interestingly, who is the winner in this trinity contest!



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