Robo 2.0 (Hindi Movie)

Save humanity, not technology. This is the message of Director Shankar Robo 2.0 Download Watch in Hindi/Telugu/Tamil. But the irony is that Shankar has forgotten that the story will save the story too, not the technique. This sequel of the movie Robot, which took place eight years ago, is a VFX / computer graphics network. The 150-minute film binds itself with its artificial charisma from second but the magic breaks in a few minutes. The film is stunned that in a small city of South India, people are disappearing in the sky by spreading the hands of people. Do not you hear it.

Robo 2.0
Robo 2.0

Release date:

29 November 2018

Running time:

150 minutes

On a normal day as life continues in Chennai, suddenly all the mobile phones in the city fly away. People and the government are panic struck. As confusion prevails the phones take the shape of an enormous bird and comes to destroy the city. Dr. Vasigaran then activates his andro humanoid robot, Chitti who comes back to life to save the people from the evil force.

Cast:Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson and others
Director:S. Shankar

The story “Enthiran / Robot (2010) has not seen? The sequels were not seen and influenced by the story? 2.0 is something for everyone in the audience, the producers are bringing a fresh story that will appeal to the old audience as well as newcomers. The new concept is not only fresh but also an underlying message that will surprise the audience.

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You know Pakshi as an evil force, but not the reason why he is so! Watch the World TV Premiere of 2.0 on Sun, 21st April, 12 Noon on .