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Rs. Bargain with 1500 crores The truth about Farooq Abdullah about Jagan ..!

Jagan Mohan Reddy has made serious efforts to become Chief Minister after the death of YS Rajasekhar Reddy … Another event was revealed by National Conference President Farooq Abdullah, senior leader of Jammu and Kashmir. At that time, he was given the chief minister's chair. Ready to give up to 1500 crores .. Jagan through the elders of other parties who are close to the Congress party. That's the way to go to the jail … Jagan also met National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah. Farooq Abdullah has revealed this to the public at the election campaign in Kurnool. Farooq Abdullah recalled that Jagan had said he was willing to give Rs. He said that Jagan would think anything would happen with money. Farooq Abdullah questioned where the money came from Jagan.

Farooq Abdullah who was campaigning for the TDP party … tried to educate the voters on the political situation in the country.

In any area .. what we eat is Indians, but by places and by the way .. some people are trying to do politics. He called for those people to repel. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs all walked in an independent struggle. It is time for us to make a decision. Who are Muslims, who are Dalits and religions? Farooq questioned why Ramamandiram recognizes BJP for the coming elections. What do we think we do not want to do? I'm afraid. Our border state is the Pakistani.

Farooq has said some good words about Chandrababu. Wonderful programs have been taken. For all categories, women, for youth,

have done many programs for farmers. God has given us the opportunity … to take advantage of this opportunity. Will our lives be heaven? .. We're going to hell in our hands. I am appealing to Muslim brothers and AP people with my long experience. Chandrababu is always the future and the leader who thinks about the state … I know the difference between both Jagan and Chandrababu..Fourkuk suggested that you know.

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