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SPV Reddy's joining the Jana Sena Focus?

There is a change in the politics of AP politics! Targeted leaders do not want to be disappointed with the aim of getting a seat from a party. In the same order, Nandia's MP SPV Reddy joined the Janesena Party. On Wednesday evening, Janasana chief Pawan Kalyan was transformed into a party scarf. In the last election, SPV Reddy won over the Vaikappa ticket. That immediately joined TDP. This time it is expected that the MP seat will come from TDP. However, TDP has been allocated for Nandhiya Trivedi Mandra Sivananda Reddy. SPVI REDDY!

He was deeply convinced that Chandrababu Naidu was drowning when he reached TDP. He was also contesting as an independent candidate and challenged him to show his capabilities. At the same time, he had received an invitation from Janesena. If the party joins the party, the Nandhiya MP ticket pakka said that the offer was given. Overall, SPP Reddy is also in the frustration of the Nandigala.

SPY Reddy's joining is going to be a plus. Now, the concept of Pawan Kalyan is only limited to the Godavari districts. Pawan's rival from Bhimavaram, Nagappabuni from Narsapurpuram … Pawan's contest in glasses, former JD Laxmi Narayan contest from Visakhapatnam .. The main thing in Jasanana is that they are competing only in Godavari and Uttaranchal. In fact, Pawan Kalyan has said that he will contest from Rayalaseema. For a few years, he spoke about Europe's backwardness. When it comes to the elections, there is a view to whether or not the Focus will be placed on the seams. The reason for this is that the most important leaders from the Rayalaseema area did not reach Janasena. SPV Reddy also joined special situations. You can not go back to the vaccine, the TDP did not give a seat. Third third option jesna! Okay … There is an opportunity to say SPV Reddy that there are a popular leader from Rayalaseema districts for any kind of situation.



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