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Telangana Government Information Sit Lawyer's argument in High Court

Telangana government information is also at the IT grid .. The High Court has argued lawyers of Telangana. The petition filed by IT Grid MD Ashok has been investigated for alleged illegal cases of political faction. The Supreme Court advocate Siddharth Luthra was appearing for the petitioner. Telangana with regard to AP data has nothing to do with the fact that the original case was not authorized to investigate Telangana police. Two FIRs have been registered in lieu of an FIR in the conspiracy … Except political malice …. Argued that there is nothing. The public prosecutor's controversial arguments on behalf of the SIT The data for AP is not the same … Telangana data has also been taken into account. There is evidence that the IT Grid Company has found fault with it.

Telangana police have the power to hear. The IT grid company is in Hyderabad and the data is being disclosed by the data analyst. The court hearing hearing the arguments of the two parties postponed to Wednesday. IT Grid Asokk .. Police have not been issued many times notices. He says he is looking for four teams but he has no progress. On the other hand, SIT sources say that no information is available on tabs, lap tapes and CPUs from IT grid. Some are trying to open with private experts because of password protection. Amazon

Web Service, even if the information was written to Google, they did not provide any information. So .. Sit can not take any decision on what to do next. If there is no evidence, the court will be embarrassed. If the trial continues … Ashok could get any kind of evidence that the SIT officials believe that they are likely to be collected. Initially, the police say that AP is the data .. If you say that the case is going to transfer the Telangana data is also heard that the arguments are being heard.



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