Venky Handed Him Used up Car to Drive?

Venkatesh Handed Rana Daggubati Used up Car to Drive?

Certainly Rana Daggubati isn’t one of those guys who are very passionate about cars and possessing high-end cars. His primary requirements are enough leg space (he is taller than six feet) and air conditioner. Sharing his experiences about his first car and the cars that followed, Rana Daggubati divulged some interesting trivia.

According to an interview in The Hindu, Rana’s first car was an Opel Astra handed over to him by his uncle Venkatesh. Venky used the car for six to seven years and the car went to Rana. Driving the Opel Astra was the screen Bhallaladeva’s first experience at driving cars. Later, he tried other cars. Coming back to his first car, Rana liked his first car because driving was simple with the car as he could use two joysticks.

He used the vehicle for two years and when it broke down, he chose another car for himself. But, his first car was used as a car passing in the background for some scenes in movies that were shot in Ramanaidu Studios. Looks like, Venkatesh’s Opel Astra has an interesting story to tell and that’s why Rana shared it with us.



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