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Will Naga Babu be "Kapu" in Narsapur?

Triumphs in the Narsapur constituency were awarded. Pannan Kalyan's brother Nageswara Babu was not allowed to play for Jassea, but the contest was not going to be between two parties. But there is a straight line in Nagendra Babu. With this constituency Pawan Kalyan is contesting Bheemavaram, the competition is going to be interesting. Pawan Kalyan has been given a Lokayukt ticket beam after Pawan Kalyan's party scarf.

In the Narasapur constituency, all political parties in recent times are allocating more seats to the Kshatriyasamy. In order to provide the opportunity for various social groups in the district of Ubayogoda … When it comes to Narsapurpuram it will fall in Kodatiyalu Kota. Even now the main parties are .. TDP, VCP … Kshatriya social community candidates are in the field. Raghuramakrushanam Raju is coming to the tippuppu .. In the last minute, he joins the party and is contesting for the party. So, Chandrababu thinks more strategically and has good influence in Kshatriyar and MLA Vettukuri Shivarama Raju as a candidate. Kalaupudi is Shiva and the name of the name is changed to the name of the Lord Shiva Ramaraju .. Raghuramakrushanraju Raju.

Within this … Pawan Kalyan decided to keep his brother from the same constituency. It is also strategic. Because many of the community leaders from Kapus have been successful in the past. Hari Ramajogogayya, New Palli Subbaraudeu .. Congress and TDP are competing to win. The social community voters are among the seven assembly constituencies within the Parliament. Pawan Kalyan is in the field directly from Bhimavaram. In the social equations, Kapoor's social community voted for Naga Babu … at the same time .. other voters .. TDP and the VCP are expecting the predictions of the Janata Party's strategists. This is why the Nagababu is being promoted there.



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