Yaaradi Nee Mohini Serial Zee Tamil

Yaaradi Nee Mohini (TV series) is a thriller type Tamil Based Soap Opera, aired on Zee Tamil. I feature celebrities like Yamuna Chinnadurai, Shyam, Fathima Babu, Chaitra Reddy, Shreekumar Ganesh. If we will talk about the budget, it comes next to Nandini. It has become so popularly, that it is recreated in other south Indian languages like Kanada and Telugu. Yaaradi Nee Mohini Full Episode Today Updates


Mutharasan cast by Shreekumar Ganesh is a grandson of a wealthy landlord. He loses his mom and his dad remarries Nilambari (Fathima Babu). He doesn’t realize that Neelambari is plotting to kill him, and in truth respects and trusts her. In the interim, Vennila (Nachathira) his cousin adores him and needs to wed him. Neelambari furtively plots against him to secure his dad’s property for her youngsters; in any case, a provision in the will precludes her, as it says Mutharasan’s significant other must sign. Nilambari brings Swetha (Chaithra) her niece to get hitched to Muthu and stands close by. In the interim, Chitra’s (Mutharasan’s dead spouse) phantom is currently out to ruin Nilambari’s malicious plans. Following a couple of days, Nilambari and her posse discovered it is sprit of Chitra who ruins their arrangement. Presently Swetha turns out to be excessively insidious and controlled the intensity of Chitra’s soul.

In the interim, she plots a thought and kills Vennilla mother and grandma.

Later the last day comes were Swetha and Muthuarasan’s marriage settled, here comes Swetha’s ex to stop the marriage. Swetha comes to know this and wanted to kill Muthuarasan’s dad. Presently Vennila turns out to be too desolate as everybody who upheld her were dead. Here comes the cleverest character Kalai(Vinitha), spouse of Maruthu (Nilambari’s first child) who establishes intensity of Chitra and remain alongside Vennila. Presently the story goes with more desire as Chitra is free from control and Chitra’s mom comes in the picture to uncover reality to Muthuarasan. After some time, Ruthra (Lisha), the genuine girl of Mutharasan, reunites with him in spite of the fact that he doesn’t realize that Ruthra is his little girl, But Ruthra realizes that Swetha is intending to isolate herself and Vennila from Mutharasan. The plot is when might Ruthra reveal reality to the relatives.


The arrangement is a loathsome romantic tale delivered by S. Sabreesh Kumar of Monk Studios that pretense on Zee Tamil. Thirumathi Selvam and Maanada Mayilada distinction Sanjeev was chosen to depict the lead job as Mutharasan. Sanjeev made his rebound after Karai Serial. In May he cleared out the Show. Later Shreekumar has supplanted the job of Mutharasan in Episode: 271. On-screen character Nachathira arrived as lead inverse Vennila in the show, are making their introductions with the arrangement. Chaitra was chosen to depict the second driving job and primary foe as Swetha, Fathima Babu entered the show as the principal rival as Nilambari, Yamuna Chinnadurai was chosen to play as Mutharasan’s better half who swings to a phantom.