Yeh Hai Mohabbatein TV Serial Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein means “This is Love” in English. This is one of the most popular runnings Series in right now in Star Plus. Ekta Kapoor, the Indian Daily Soap Veteran worked in collaboration with Sobha Kapoor on this Series under Balaji Telefilms. This Series had three leading characters Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi, and Anita Hassanandani. A Manju Kapur’s Custody is the Partial Source for this Series staged around New Delhi.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein TV Serial Star Plus

Story in Briefs

The show takes after the romantic tale of Tamil dental specialist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Kumar Bhalla. Ishita is fruitless and turns out to be candidly connected to Raman’s little girl, Ruhi, who lives with her separated from father. Raman’s ex, Shagun, lives with her sweetheart, Ashok Khanna, and her child Aditya (Adi). Shagun left Ruhi with Raman when she was as yet an infant. Because of conditions, Raman and Ishita wed each other at that point go gaga for one another madly. The show has won in excess of 50 grants. In February 2018, it was reported that Ye Hai Mohabbatein will have a turn off named Yeh Hai Chahatein.

The show took a seven-year jump in April 2016 taken after by a one-year jump in November 2016 and after that a two-year jump in November 2017. On December 9, 2016, the show finished its 1,000th episode. The show finished 1,500 scenes on June 13, 2018. It has recorded at a few remote areas including Australia, Budapest, and London.


This show is around two unique individuals and how their lives are connected by their little girl towards the begin lastly how they go gaga for one another frantically. Tamil dental practitioner Ishita Vishwanathan Iyer and Punjabi specialist Raman Kumar Bhalla live in Delhi with their folks. Ishita, who is barren, frames a nurturing bond with Raman’s best little girl, Ruhi. To keep Raman’s badly intentioned ex, Shagun, from taking care of the young lady, Ishita and Raman get hitched and build up a profound bond.

Ashok, Raman’s previous manager and the-then beau of Shagun, coordinates a plot to criticize Ishita’s cousin, Mihika, and make her his better half. Throw away, Shagun looks for shelter for herself and her child, Aditya (Adi), at the Bhalla family unit, where she plots against Ishita to recover Raman. Nonetheless, Ishita and Raman just develop nearer and Shagun is tossed out of the house. She grabs Ruhi and Aditya, and Ishita dangers her life to spare the youngsters. The demonstration makes Shagun reconsider herself and turn her life around. Raman’s sibling Romi is informed that his ex Sarika had his kid and persuades her to wed him.

Ashok is uncovered to be a sex wrongdoer and his marriage with Mihika closes in separate. Ishita can end up pregnant with Raman’s tyke, however, endures a premature delivery when Ashok attempts to execute the whole family. The couple chooses to attempt again with a transformed Shagun going about as their surrogate. Notwithstanding, there are challenges in the family unit as Ashok has a covert operative among them, which ends up being Sarika; the kid she professed to be Romi’s was received. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Today Episode Daily Epiosde.

Ishita finds the genuine guardians of the “vagrant” however unintentionally executes the dad and is indicted for the kill. Raman is persuaded to wed Nidhi, a protection legal counselor, to spare Ishita. Whenever Raman and Ishita’s youngster Pihu was conceived, Nidhi hijacks the infant. As Ishita endeavors to protect Pihu, Nidhi likewise seizes Ruhi and fakes their passings. Frustrated over the misfortune, Raman ousts Ishita from the house. Before he can revise his error, Ishita endeavors suicide, leaving everybody to think she is dead, while she was really spared by her companion, Mani.